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The Ministry of science and technology to promote agricultural and rural help support the tri state area of poverty alleviation "Gansu green industry investment promotion will be held in Shanghai Lanzhou: efforts to achieve urban employment more than 9 million people Gansu Province: institutions can be self setting and personnel employment assessment Houzhi fertile soil for the development of high quality talents to build the base A quarter of Gansu's general industrial and commercial electricity growth rate of over 15% The value added tax reform to help enterprises to expand the circle of friends" [Focus] out of economic development acceleration" "Dunhuang mural restoration of ancient musical instrument exhibition in Ningbo Exhibition Award Gansu cultural tourism investment promotion activities in South Korea Tang Renjian: active precision high quality investment expand the high level open to the advantage of Gansu into real opportunities in Gansu A quarter of the industrial production of provincial supervision enterprises to achieve good start" Tomorrow Lanzhou city continued fine high temperature of 30 DEG C sprint Nakagawa intercity railway train diagram adjustment Lanzhou public institutions recruitment plan submitted Gansu cultural tourism investment promotion to the south of Seoul Gansu Province issued opinions to help win the battle of poverty Gansu issued ten implementation plan for the tangible things Gansu 5020 people enrolled in the college entrance examination sports examination [well-off poverty alleviation] "moved" to a new life Study to convey the spirit of the national conference to promote the deployment of the central patrol feedback rectification special poverty alleviation of poverty alleviation and sprint cleared action With high quality investment to promote the quality of economic and social development The Yellow River River fitness trail project started yesterday The Yellow River customs line text brigade post design contest evaluation end Gansu many initiatives to allow enterprises to enjoy the entitlements" Lanzhou traffic police to carry out the "thunder two" action 2018 year Gansu province 18 poor counties hat exit publicity This week Lanzhou sunshine high temperature 30 DEG C to play a leading role "The world's first ancient pear trees age up to 500 years old Lanzhou city bus electric vehicle launched special rectification
Lanzhou Jiayuguan Jinchang silver Tianshui Jiuquan Zhangye Wuwei Dingxi Longnan Pingliang Qingyang Linxia Gannan micro-blog On the development of Gansu The list of persons Accept the supervision report Hotline: 0931-6128000

The Ministry of science and technology to promote agricultural and rural help support the "three states" three areas of poverty alleviation

[ Enriching the industry stable poverty potential (in "Three District three," poverty.) ] [ The desert oasis of struggle ] [ The land and sea scenery in western new channel ]

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